Beyond the Edge: Buried Burdens

buried burdens


Beyond The Edge (BTE) is a useful Numenera compatible digital resource for your roleplaying campaign. Every installment brings you in-depth characters, mortal perils and breathtaking locations. Each issue offers new game options, creatures and thrilling adventures – everything you need to take your campaign beyond the edge…of the known world.

Beyond The Edge is optimized for tablet and on screen reading, and has a landscape oriented layout.


In this very first installment, You’ll explore a hidden facility believed haunted, face the buried past and learn that every action — even the smallest one — can make a ripple. That ripple becomes a wave…and enough waves can storm the sea.

Buried Burdens is a scenario for 4-6 players. It comes complete with:

  • 2 new dangerous creatures, a lot of characters and items to add to any campaign.
  • 3 detailed adventure locations.
  • Imaginative, full color art and maps.


More Heads, more fun!

Here be Dragons Games is the international official editorial trademark of Wyrd Edizioni, a leading Italian roleplaying games publisher. Wyrd began publishing with Monte Cook and Malhavoc Press, a partnership which continuously grows. Beyond the Edge is Wyrd’s first international editorial line, related to Monte Cook Games, LLC, Numenera and the Cypher System.

Monte Cook is the most brilliant game designer and Numenera is his best product ever. We are excited to take this journey with him and Hydra Team. We’ll bring you some new ideas, awesome games and mind-blowing artworks!”

Hydra Team (HT) is a game design collective based in Italy. The collective comprises a tight network of creative individuals. Although it focuses on roleplaying games, HT creates games of all types.

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