Behind the Veil of Darkness – UPDATE 2

Who’s hiding behind the veil of darkness?

Robert J. Schwalb is the mind behind Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG, and he wrote dozens of your favorite roleplaying game for many years, from Dungeon & Dragons to Warhammer. In Death&Decay he will be our Deus Ex machina and, as The Oversee Eye, he will grant to you the best game supplement for his game! (www.schwalbentertainment.com).

Dave Harrison brings over 30 years of GMing experience to the project. Ten years of that has involved coordinating the (undead) legions of organised play volunteers and conventions. He has been an editor and writer for a number of gaming products (Conflict, Fading Suns, Dark Sun, Pathfinder) and will also take care of language and style for Death & Decay. He has a morbid fascination with the grim and dark arts of the necromancer.

Bruce is a senior and award-winning game designer. He worked on D&D over the course of 4 editions as a writer and developer, with well over one hundred credits, including Return to the Tomb of HorrorsExpanded Psionics HandbookGamma World, and the D&D 5th Edition corebooks. On the design team at MCG, he’s worked on The StrangeNumenera products like Into the Outside and Jade Colossus, Cypher System books like Gods of the Fall, and of course Numenera Discovery and Numenera Destiny, to name just a few. He’s also a novel author with ten major publications to his name, including Myth of the Maker, as well as several books set in the Forgotten Realms, including the Abolethic Sovereignty trilogy, the Sword of the Gods duology, StardeepDarkvision, and more.

Sean is a very famous designer and developer. After finishing his chemistry degree he took a radical left turn and started working in the game industry. He’s been a webmaster, game designer, developer, freelancer-wrangler, and many other jobs that can’t be described in one or two words. He’s worked on a couple hundred books for a half a dozen RPGs (including Numenera and three editions of D&D), designed videogames, taught classes on game design, written plays and musicals, run online game conventions, judged international talent-search contests, and had bit parts in geeky movies like Gamers: Dorkness Rising and Attacking the Darkness. He draws, paints, and sings with moderate skill, and is passionate about helping people and introducing others to the wonders of gaming. He lives in a haunted building in Seattle, Washington with his cats.

The lead game designer team of WMS Publishing will be the BlackStar who will guide you through this journey. Experienced game designers, writers, editors and gamers, in over 15 years they’ve helped to rise and shine dozens of titles in Italy as a team who prefers to show instead of tell. (Discover)

Hydra Team is a group of writers, editors, proofreaders, artists, graphic designers and consultants working in the game industry. They are all about fostering game literacy in its true meaning: as an enjoyable and educational tool. Hydra Team specializes in high quality and imaginative game projects, balancing strong artistic and creative talents over a more business-focused approach. (www.hydrateamgames.com).

Katerina is the first of our young and talented artist, who will make this project shine! She has a passion for old literature of 1800 and ’80. She loves Lynch and Cronenberg and videogames (more for the arts than for actual play). She is inspired by Giger and Bilal and by the darkest side of the human heart. She is our cover artist and will be our lead artist. (www.artstation.com/adrenochrome)

Melissa, known as Reddraws on internet, mermaid obsessed, karate teacher and tea lover, is a freelance illustrator, concept artist and comics book artist. She works with Wyrd Edizioni, Potato KIller Studios, Darkslinger Comics, NUpress and others, as illustrator and concept artist, and worked as miniature artist for Kabuki Studios. In 2018 has been selected for ‘Infected By Art’, and every year live paints on Area Performance in Lucca C&G. She loves to paint for herself original pieces too!

And other creepy beings will be revelead during the campaign.

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