Death & Decay: a few updates

Hello Disciples of the Shadow!

As promised, here we are with the first update regarding the status and development of this long-awaited campaign. First, we would like to thank you for your patience. We were working at our best designing something useful for your Shadow of the Demon Lord adventures, working together with special designers and artists in order to create something that can ignite your imagination. They designed for you special and unique monsters depicted with evocative images and stories. You can use them during random encounters, but they have been designed, as promised, to work well as protagonists in your strange new adventures in the world of Urth.

Every supplement we are designing together with the Creature Codex is linked, and in the end, you should have a lot of information and materials that will give you a complete kit for your own world, a ‘stand alone’ in the dark shadows of the lands of Urth. This has required a great amount of work, and will require more in the coming months. Anyway, we are at the very end of this creative process and we hope you will like to read and play our books, as we liked designing and writing them.

About our beloved writers & creators: Robert has created a huge  section for BlackStar’s Creature Codex, something really, really gorgeous. Bruce, also, completed his monster (we love it!) and we have good news about Dave‘s monsters! Dave too has shared with us his creations. Finally, our Italian designers are finalizing their creations in these weeks. We want to thank these great authors for theiran awesome work; we are very proud and happy to have them with us.

About our talented artists: Katerina Ladon, our lead artist, is in the featured image of this post with 3 mosters she drew for Death & Decay. She started to work in the game industry only in recent times but grew a lot and in less than six months her illustrations grace the internal books of Shadow of the Demon Lord, Numenera, Cypher System, Invisible Sun, Pathfinder and other games.

The second artist we would like to introduce is Angelo Peluso, another young and talented artist who is working with Monte Cook Games, Schwalb Entertainment, Paizo and some Italian publishers. He loves to draw dark environments and dark creatures and now you can have a look at some of the creepy creatures Angelo realized for our Monster Codex. Here are the monsters we asked him to imagine:

And, as a very special preview, you can have a glimpse of fragments from a page of the Creature Codex itself:

Let’s get back to work, then. See you soon, in the next update!

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