HereBeDragons Games

HereBeDragons Games is a publishing house devoted to create content and games.

We have many teams that can handle a project from the idea to its release and, with so many different skills we’ve worked behind the scenes of many productions, especially in Italy but also in USA and England.

We also have many important collaborations with international authors and game designers,
such as Monte Cook in a unique project.

Discover more about this great incoming project!


our teams are also in:


Our graphic and editorial team, BlackStar, is specialized in beautifully crafted productions and we helped them release their first game on official licence in 2019.

It required a great work but has been also considered a beautiful and unique production.

Polis TTG

Our team is involved in the production of TTGs. One of them is to be released by Wyrd Edizioni this year, and is is a funny and innovative non-collectible card game called Polis.

Black Dragon RPG

Our game designers and writers have years of experiences and have worked in many games such as a blockbuster of the past years in Italy, based on a popular comic (five reprints – totally sold out): Dragonero RPG. 

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