The Past and the Future
Everything has a past.
It’s another key concept of evolution—what becomes the future is rooted in the past.

A flock of gulls settles down on the rocks as the waves crash in around an ancient idol, the only remaining relic from a temple long forgotten by the descendants of those who built it. Down the coast lies a bustling city, heedless of the complex past, everyone living their lives as easily and peacefully as possible. Giant ship captains issue commands to the black-furred, bestial sibeccai sailors aboard fantastic seacraft. Cautious, brown-maned litorian warriors watch those around them closely, while diminutive faen and even tiny sprytes dart about, on their way to some great adventure. Stoic, vinaceous-skinned verrik and dragon-like mojh stand among the human dockworkers, conscious of their differences—but silent.

Some years ago, a new fantasy setting was written and developed by Monte Cook, one of the main authors and game designers of the 3rd Edition of D&D.  It was a whole new world powered by the most popular rules but with great differences from previous settings. The world was that of the Diamond Throne, and Cook’s beloved first fantasy campaign setting was Arcana Unearthed. Strange new people walk the land, small faen live in quiet hamlets and seafarers giants ruled upon the people after a war against the dragons; animals awaken intelligence beyond their natural kin and humans transcend their natural behavior to reach new physical and mental status. All of them live in a world changed by their own people in the ancient history, trying to build a new future discovering new lands, delving into the past memories of those who lived before, living in harmony with the nature, or defending themselves from the threats that lie beyond their peaceful livings.


Monte Cook’s Diamond Throne is a new RPG game based on the idea that the best way to describe a thing is to define that thing. It is the fantasy roleplaying genre taken in a whole new, innovative, and exciting direction.

Monte Cook’s Diamond Throne is based on the most popular Arcana Unearthed and Arcana Evolved. Those books unveiled a brand new, magical world—and now the setting and ideas of those books will use the Cypher System as its ruleset! The new game system of Monte Cook Games will drive that world to a new frontier!

You might be wondering whether you should take this step forward, into an entirely new game world that will evolve with you and your players. Like in the real world, new things will be revealed and discovered, and so the world changes and grows like the heroes you play.  How could you possibly resist the draw of this?



NOTE: The final cover image and illustrations may differ. Follow the campaign!

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