A whole new system

The Cypher System builds upon the strengths of the Diamond Throne setting.

The Cypher System is the critically acclaimed, award-winning RPG ruleset that powers Numenera, The Strange, and numerous other settings. Created by Monte Cook Games, the Cypher System is elegant, uniquely easy on the GM, and focused on narrative and character. Monte Cook’s Diamond Throne customizes the flexible Cypher System to fit the setting, including its character archetypes, creatures, and magic system.

The Cypher System

Character generation in the Cypher System is smooth and concept-driven: Your character is literally defined by a sentence:

I’m a [___] [___] who [____s].

I’m a Sibeccai Driven Explorer who Deal with Nature like Briessec-Cur.
I’m a Litorian Honorable Warrior who Embodies a Cause like Chlori the Bloody Claw
I’m a Mojh Tongue-Tied Spellcaster who Shapes Magic like Domagoth the Dominator.

Your stats, skills, abilities, and even your connections to the other characters are defined by those choices. Character creation is streamlined and puts concept first. At the GM’s end of the table, the Cypher System is a dream to run. The rules free you from onerous mechanical details and let you focus on building awesome, imaginative campaigns, encounters, and stories.

For those new to the Cypher System, Monte Cook’s Diamond Throne is a perfect fantasy setting for discovering and exploring its great mechanics. For those new to Diamond Throne, the Cypher System is a flexible, easy to run system for exploring this vast and detailed world.

The Setting

Inland, the secrets of ancient eras linger in the hidden vales of impossibly tall mountains. Mages study among crumbling, lore-choked libraries, casting their spells from the pinnacles of glistening towers of crystal and gold. Creatures stir, the legacies of the hated dramojh—themselves the scions of the dragons that once ruled the land as kings. These new threats bide their time, building their strength until they can avenge the past and destroy the future.

These are the lands of the Diamond Throne, where life and death are worshipped. Where heroes follow their paths and learn what it means to serve the land. And where honor, oath, and duty mean as much as gold or jewels.

You’ll discover so many places, so many stories! The Floating Forest. The Crystal Fields. The displaced ruins of Thartholan. The world of the Diamond Throne is filled with crowded cities, putrid marshes, ancient ruins and deep forests. Each place has its own history and many locations are populated by unique inhabitants with their own motivations. Each location offers adventure hooks and points of interest so that GMs can use them with ease. You can also try to cross the borders of the world to enter secret dark realms and dimensions or see new species come to life as others fall into the void.

Memories of the Past

Diamond Throne has unique and incredible ways to preserve memory, and the akashic memory stones are perhaps the most important artifact to do so. These crystals or gems store specific memories, spells, and other valuable, interesting, or emotional information. And anyone can access them simply by concentrating on them.

Further, the akashic nodes are a complex way to learn the past. Former residents of a place, both individually and as a group, left a sort of “psychic imprint” on the area that an akashic can tap into. Thus, nodes usually occur at the site or ruins of a city, a citadel, or some other type of community or large structure.

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