The Heroes

Everyone needs to evolve. Also a hero.

The hero’s life is defined by their choices. Type, descriptor, and focus gives a character their stats and game abilities, and PCs can advance to improve and gain new powers, skills, and abilities, achieve new ranks and special renown, and even aspire to new planes or concepts of existence.

All the game rules for players and the GM will be contained in Monte Cook’s Diamond Throne. It is a standalone game. However, it is also completely compatible with other Cypher System products. There are thousands of cyphers, foci, creatures, artifacts, and other game elements in existing Cypher System titles that are instantly compatible with Monte Cook’s Diamond Throne. We’ll be producing additional supplements for Monte Cook’s Diamond Throne, but in the meantime you already have thousands of options available to you!


in Diamond Throne we will also meet dreadful goblins, rhodin, chorrim, hags, and other belligerent creatures. Each culture has its own goals and mysterious agendas, as each vies for control of the Diamond Throne. They can be weird, but they are as living and breathing as the PCs. Their complex goals and motivations will help GMs create thriving plotlines and stories.

The setting is also home to a variety of monsters unique to the setting of Monte Cook’s Diamond Throne. The expansive world thrives with enemies and allies alike.

Magic and Rules

The world of Monte Cook’s Diamond Throne is filled with magic. Magic is everywhere and permeates everything. Spells, magic items, artifacts and other weird devices and supernatural abilities are common. Minor and single-use magic items are cyphers. Magical weapons and rings (like the Ring of the Blades, or Bow of Screams), and unique items (like the Council Staff) are artifacts. Mechanically, magic and spells have a specific casting system, which functions similar to cyphers, but with rules for magical traditions, runes, and other arcana. Common spells are easy to learn and cast; more complex spells need specific components or ceremonies and their use is not without consequences.

Ritual and ceremony are important to the societies of the Diamond Throne, affecting every aspect of a person’s life. Daily ceremonies cleanse the mind and refresh the soul; there are minor rituals before food or drink, or when one enters the home of another. In game terms, major ceremonies provide characters with powerful capabilities and tie into their ancestries, types, and focus abilities.  Oaths carry much weight as well, and vows, honor, and duty are taken very seriously by the people of the Diamond Throne lands.

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NOTE: The final cover image and illustrations may differ. Follow the campaign!


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