What happened last week? Let’s see.

We’ve unlocked many SGs.

The first one is some fantastic art by Katerina Ladon.

Katerina is a talented artist we really love. She has a passion for old literature of 1800 and ’80. She loves Lynch and Cronenberg and videogames (more for the arts than for actual play). She is inspired by Giger and Bilal and by the darkest side of the human heart and her clients include Monte Cook Games, Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing, and Schwalb Entertainment.


And we have secured … the GM screen!

It is a high-quality GM screen filled with useful Diamond Throne-related GM info on one side, and fantastic Diamond art on the other. This three-panel, landscape-format screen will be printed on nice, heavy board stock, making it sturdy as well as beautiful.

The GM screen will available as a PDF and PRINT. Every backer will get the GM screen in PDF as part of their rewards, but Throne Advisor and Throne Regent will have it in PDF and in PRINT.


Then we have unlocked a special section in Evolved about Companions and Familiars. This option is really cool and the first thing we had in mind was: why not to bond to a runewolf? Or to a howl, or to a totally new creature? We can now add a lot of new stuff!

Also, we have unlocked another section of Instant Locations in Unearthed. We have always found very useful in our sessions when you want to run a one-shot adventure.

The boons!

As you may recall, last week we released the first secret boon. It was a set of mobile screensavers. This week we have chosen some awesome character concepts created for Diamond Throne and we transformed them in three special bookmarks!


With the next stretch goals we will add additional art and new accessories for players and GMs alike! Please, keep spreading the voice! We need your help to reach the many thousands of gamers who don’t even know this campaign is live. Let’s reach them before it’s too late—and knock out a few more stretch goals!


NOTE: The final cover image and illustrations may differ. Follow the campaign!


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